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Example of an eye with Pterygium.A pterygium is a growth of pink, fleshy tissue on the white of the eye. It usually forms on the side closest to the nose and grows slowly. It can cause astigmatism and if it becomes large, it can block vision.

Pterygium can cause persistent redness and irritation of the eye. It can cause dryness and the sensation of a foreign body in the eye. It can be very uncomfortable and unsightly as well.

Pterygium Treatment & Surgery

Eye surgeons at Klein & Scannapiego can diagnose the condition by examining the front part of your eye with a microscope. Pterygium usually doesn't require treatment if symptoms are mild. If a temporary worsening of the inflamed condition causes redness or irritation, it can be treated with medicated eyedrops. If the lesion causes persistent discomfort or interferes with vision, our eye surgeons will remove it surgically. Using innovative methods such as grafting, stitch-less surgery, and the application of anti-scarring medication, our highly skilled surgeons have been able to drastically reduce the recurrence of pterygium in patients.

If you have a pterygium which is symptomatic or is growing and you want an evaluation for removal, please call one of our offices for an appointment.

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